How can Garden help you?

Garden is where you are.


We do love seeing you in person, but we get that your schedule doesn't always line up with ours.

The Garden digital experience gives you anytime access to your money and all the tools you need to manage it. Need to talk to someone? Chat with us on our app and save a trip to the branch—it's secure, and you'll always chat with a real person.

Get started with digital banking

A new kind of branch.


It can be hard to make it into the branch with a busy schedule. But sometimes you just need a human to help you—especially when your money is at stake.

Garden offers completely-secure chat through our app and online experience that allows you to work directly with us to accomplish anything you would in one of our branch locations. So the next time you see a strange transaction or need to transfer a large amount of money, we’re here to help you...wherever you happen to be.

Connect with us

You hold all the cards.


Shut down fraudsters the moment you realize your card has been lost or compromised, and easily turn it back on when you find it stuck in your car seat—on or off Garden’s hours. You can also manage travel plans, set spending limits, and enable notifications about transaction types and amounts. All without making a single phone call.

Manage your cards

Stay on top of bills. Split dinner with friends.

Pay your bills digitally.
Simply designate a payee, set the amount and schedule the payment to be sent. And with the option to set recurring payments you never have to worry about forgetting to pay a bill again.
Pay your Friends digitally.
Whether you're splitting dinner or rent, pay your friends back with just a few taps.

Tend to your budget.


Gone are the days of using six different tools to control different parts of your finances. Manage your budget where it belongs—right with the money you’re budgeting. Track spending categories and set goals all within Garden’s digital banking solution.

Have some excess cash this month? You can even donate to charities right within our app. Just find your favorite cause and how much you’d like to give—we’ll take care of the rest.

Manage your budget

What do you strive for?

A fruitful future is yours with a plan, a partner, and ready resources. Garden is all of the above.