Taking your dreams to the next level.

Watch your business thrive.

We care about the growth of our community and the success of your business. At Garden, we’re here to help you take the next steps. Whether you’re just starting the business you’ve always imagined or looking to go to the next level—we have a variety of loans to help make your goals a reality. Because we know that it takes money to make money.

Because it takes time to make money.

Business loans

Give your dreams the boost they need to mature to full bloom. Find a long- or short-term loan that matches your business goals and count on these standard perks:

  •  Experienced local loan advisors
  •  Personal service for the life of the loan
  •  Competitive rates
  •  Flexible payment schedules

Keep your business tall and healthy.

Business Lines of credit

Sometimes day-to-day operations or sudden expenses call for a line of credit. Choose from our two options to quickly keep your business up and running with these benefits:

  •  Only pay interest on the amount you use
  •  Flexible payment schedules
  •  One-time application
  •  Payment protection

Cover your business needs.

credit cards

Business expenses add up, but we’re set on helping you make the most of them. Just “chip in” to cash out on every transaction—looks like you just hit paydirt.

  •  Access your with Garden Digital Banking
  •  Accepted worldwide
  •  Multiple layers of security
  •  No annual fees

What do you strive for?

A fruitful future is yours with a plan, a partner, and ready resources. Garden is all of the above.