Community Impact

Proud of our local heritage, excited about the future.

Garden is living in the moment to uphold our commitment to this community and to prime us all for a bright future.


Garden was established in 1921, founded on a simple principle: when we build up local businesses, our whole community thrives. We’ve been helping to grow our city's families and businesses ever since.

At Garden, we believe that “supporting local” starts with you. We have a vision of individuals, along with their families, flourishing financially so that they can go out and support the community around them.

And because we want to be surrounded with restaurants and shops and hobby services (and so much more) that our families love, Garden is committed to keeping our community blooming and booming by backing our one-of-a-kind local businesses.


Garden is all about natural progression. As banking innovation continues to wow us, we usher it into Garden Digital Banking. A few favorites right now?

  • Personal service in-app
  • Payments (P2P and bill)
  • Remote check deposit
  • Card controls
  • Business banking

When you’re banking digitally with us, you have the same direct access to the service you’re used to in-branch through our secure chat system. So whether you need advice, have a question about one of our products, or need help resolving an issue, we’re only a message away.

What do you strive for?

A fruitful future is yours with a plan, a partner, and ready resources. Garden is all of the above.